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    Glass Shop of the North Bay professionals cut Clear Glass Custom Cut for any project. Clear Glass is great for any repair or protection in the bathroom or artwork. Today most families have children and when considering a glass interior wall or shower door patterned glass consider tempered or laminated glass. Clear Glass has a green tint and the thicker the Clear Glass the darker the tint. Glass creates a second defence for unwanted intrusions. Laminated or tempered patterned glass can be added to all types and colors of Clear glass. Make sure you do not confuse clear glass with Fire Glass. Just inquire and our professionals will customize glass to fit your project. Call GlassShop and talk to one of our professionals or request Chad Empey.


    Glass Shop of the North Bay Star Fire Glass comes with custom colors.  Unlike traditional glass star fire or gray glass is clean and clear without the green tint. When considering as an artistic nature star fire glass never over express but rather complementing space and art.  Star fire glass is an excellent choice when adding design ideas to a bathroom, bedroom, living room or hallway never obscuring the view with green tints. However unlike standard glass, star fire glass is never considered cheap. When considering star fire glass call us we can help.  Chad

    Application are commercial entrances however more and more homes are using star fire glass as artwork pieces. Within our website gallery you will find examples of star fire glass. Another application is tempered and hardened star fire glass for countertops or table tops.  Again you will find them in our gallery.

    Commercial application are complete walls with etched logo and communications.  If you are interested just let me know.  Chad.

    Commercial Mirror Applications

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    Glass Shop welcomes you to our new and developing website.  Within this website you will find great ideas and examples of projects and projects we have completed with installation. If you do not see what you are looking for just call.  No matter what size project you have Glass Shop is your company.  We resource all our products from America first then around the world. We offer you a display of ideas so that you do not suffer from idea blocks. Seeing how other people live is always a great way to get started. Call Chad Empey today to get started!

    Glass shop of the North Bay knows how hard it is to stay health. That is why we support the idea of GYMStar Calculators. The designer and developer Russ Martin designed the calculator with a database so that information can remind you what you did as last results to compare with what you are doing today.  The end result is that you stay on track and do a little more each time you are working out at the gym.  We think you will enjoy the results.  Remember if you purchase a watch or membership use our discount code “Glass”

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    Utility costs are becoming more of an income stream for both the utility company and local government. Their objectives are to get you to use less and charge more. There is no way that you can adjust to this business model other than to improve your windows with a good window install and UV rating that lowers your consumption of utilities.

    To understand more about how to improve your utility consumption with new windows call Glass Shop of the North Bay.


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