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Mirror is used in so many ways. I have installed mirror projects for over 25 years. Today I like to present to a designer or home project idea that there are different shades of mirror. Sometimes a project needs an accent more than a focus point. If you have the time come to my shop and see our displays of mirror and mirror selection samples. When your mind is opened to the options you will impress yourself and the people you love.

Mirror is an object that reflects light in such a way that, for incident light in some range of wavelengths, the reflected light preserves many or most of the detailed physical characteristics of the original light, called specular reflection. This is different from other light-reflecting objects that do not preserve much of the original wave signal other than color and diffuse reflected light, such as flat-white paint.

The most familiar type is the plane mirror, which has a flat surface. Curved glass is also used, to produce magnified or diminished images or focus light or simply distort the reflected image.

Mirrors are commonly used for personal grooming, viewing oneself (where they are also called looking-glasses), today mirror is used to cover full walls to make a room look larger. When I look at a room I know that someone needs to live in this room for a long time. I like the idea of presenting options to my customers.


If you have a shape that is wavy or rounded in custom areas just disclose your request within the disclosure and if available attach a CAD drawing or napkin drawing to the order request. Start with the maximum width and length. All glass starts out square or rectangle then cut to custom size. Then select your glass thickness, strength, edging, and corners. The glass is fabricated, packed, and ready to ship or install with our team within 5-7 business days.  Glass with custom waves or rounds.  We will customize the order and estimate once received.

Holes are priced to thickness of glass and size of hole.  If your hole is not a standard size hole listed just pick the closest size to your hole requirement and specify in the description. For further disclosure of placement of the holes attach a drawing to your order.

custom cut projects are never over expressed. Mirror custom cut is an excellent choice when adding design ideas to a bathroom, bedroom, living room or hallway. However over use of mirror can be obnoxious. When considering custom cut mirror call us we can help.  Chad

It is a tool and wonderful as a tool for function as well as design.  When designing with custom cut don’t over mirror. Custom Cut is best used for bathrooms, dressing rooms, back wall enhancements. When considering a mirror project ask for Chad Empey.

A perfect mirror reflects back all the colors comprising white light, it’s also white. They aren’t perfect their surface atoms give any reflection a very slight green tinge, as the atoms in the glass reflect back green light more strongly than any other color. installation is used as a great center piece to open a room to appear as a larger space or as a tool to reflect a persons greater attributes. I remember as a young man enjoy time in front of the mirror popping a zit and watching it intently as it jumped onto the Glass. Most mirror applications are in the bathroom as a tool to reflect the beauty one sees.

it can be back lighted to frame the mirror.  I have even used one way mirror installing a tv in the back behind the mirror that turns on when a person enters the bathroom.

Other Mirror Ideas Cut projects include cabinet cases, display cases, and showrooms.  Again a tool.

It reflects light thus creating more light when resources for light are minimal. Most hallways and living rooms built fail to have adequate lighting and outlets for lighting. Mirror on a small wall will reflect light and open the space with a bright enhancement you will enjoy.  For more information navigate to mirror on our website.

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Mirror – Mirror provides and stocks all types of mirror and glass. Most is standard 3/16 mirror. However to answer your question. we stock or can order a variety of tints, colors, finishes, and textures. Our website is a starting foundation of communication and confirmation.

If you see an idea or have an idea that does not have a purchase system within our website call us and we will customize your mirror request into a purchase order. Our online system is here for simple orders and for more intense orders it allows you to quick estimate costs for your project.

  • Standard
  • Dark Bronze
  • Light Bronze
  • Gold
  • Light Blue
  • Acrylic

There are so many options available form around the world.  If you are thinking about a custom project call for support and ideas to complete your project. Chad Empey Owner  707-762-1900

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